Thor Heyerdahl — NorwaySweden — 1950 — 77'

In 1947, Norwegian explorer and anthropologist, Thor Heyerdahl with five other men crossed the Pacific Ocean on a raft. They embarked on the 8,000 km long trip from Peru to the Polynesian Islands to prove that the original inhabitants of Polynesia could have done the same thing around 1,500 years ago. The journey lasted 101 days, it yielded thousands of meters of footage. The film received the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature for 1951 at the 24th Academy Awards.

DirectorThor Heyerdahl
ProducerOlle Nordemar
CameraKnut Haugland, Erik Hesselberg, Thor Heyerdahl, Torstein Raaby, Herman Watzinger
EditingFrancisco Moreira
FestivalsOscars 1951 (Best Documentary), Göteborg 2013
Category Focus: Norway

Regional premiere


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