Kraljevo - priča o nadi u doba korone, za vreme vanrednog stanja

Savo Tufegdžić — Serbia — 2022 — 98'

Kraljevo – A Story of Hope in the Time of Corona, set during the Covid 19 pandemic, records the heroic efforts undertaken to defend a small town in the heart of Serbia from a virus that threatened to take thousands of lives. Savo Tufegdžić recorded incredible images of sacrifice, readiness, inventiveness, loss and joy, as a team of people, experts and ordinary citizens, came together to defeat an invisible killer.

DirectorSavo Tufegdžić
Script Savo Tufegdžić
ProducerSavo Tufegdžić
Director of photographySavo Tufegdžić
EditorSavo Tufegdžić, Steven Grant White, Danijela Grujić
Language Serbian
Category Special Screenings

World premiere


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