Dane Christensen — DenmarkUSAHungary — 2022 — 10’

We’ve lost a connection to nature—maybe you feel it too. But what if we could tap into something deeper that binds us together? There is magic, hope and comfort in ancient stories and folklore for whom global trouble is not a stranger. Throughout history, folklore has been a way to connect the past to the present and understand a balance with nature. This is the heart of Kvöldvaka, a playful interactive augmented reality documentary for mobile devices and on-site installation, designed to be experienced outdoors in nature.

A mischievous member of the Huldufólk or Hidden People helps you discover a hidden
world, and a deeper relationship to nature that has been lost. If you are worthy, you will see it.

DirectorsDane Christensen, Carol Dalrymple
ProducersBarna Szász, Ragnhildur Jónsdóttir
Music Bára Grímsdóttir, Chris Foster
Category XR Exhibition: Immersive Reality

World premiere


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The audience will have the opportunity to experience the Kvöldvak augmented reality experience in the Student Park during Saturday, May 14 from 15.15 to 16.15 and Sunday, May 15 from 15.15 to 16.15. Audiences interested in watching this installation need an iPhone 11 or later or an iPad Pro 2018 or later.


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