Tardo Agosto

Federico Cammarata, Filippo Foscarini — Italy — 2021 — 47'

Sicily, 2020. In a godforsaken countryside, a sudden change of weather finally marks the end of a suffocating summer. A bunch of horses stand shrouded in shadows. A city is set on fire. In the doorway of a ruined house, a solitary young shepherd hears the news of a newborn daughter. Late August dives in the landscapes of a wounded island.

DirectorFederico Cammarata, Filippo Foscarini
Script Federico Cammarata, Filippo Foscarini
ProducersAndrea Santoro
Director of photographyFederico Cammarata
EditorFederico Cammarata, Filippo Foscarini, Marta Violante
Language Fula
Category International Competition Programme

Regional premiere


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