Ljubav oko svijeta

Anđela Rostuhar, Davor Rostuhar — Croatia — 2021 — 75’

From the Amazon forests and faraway villages in the Himalayas, from the tiny pacific countries and african slums, to the world‘s biggest cities, the film follows 33 stories about love and marriage, the challenges and battles, rises and falls, that create a unique love story. It reminds us how love can never be easy, but how, at the same time, only a few things on Earth are as easy as love.



Directors Anđela Rostuhar, Davor Rostuhar
Producers Anđela Rostuhar, Davor Rostuhar, Miodrag Sila, Nebojša Taraba, Andreas Martin
Directors of photographyDavor Rostuhar
Editing Ivan Živalj, Marin Nekić
Script Anđela Rostuhar, Davor Rostuhar, Jasna Žmak
Sound Frano Homen
Music Nenad Kovačić, Teresa Campos, Darragh Quinn, Nils Peschanski
Category Teen


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