Mein Leben Teil 2

Angelika Levi — GermanyChile — 2003 — 93'

My film is an attempt to tell what was told and not told in my family, using objects, photos, audio and video material. The film is about trauma and at the same time about how history can be produced, archived, brought into conversations and categories, ed both at the macro- and microlevel, and how I continued to collect so that I could tell a story.

DirectorAngelika Levi
ProducersThomas Becker-Levi, Natalia Lizama, Martin Zawadzki
Director of photographyAntje Schäfer, Angelika Levi
MusicMarta Monserrat
EditorAngelika Levi
SoundInger Schwarz
Language German
Category Retrospective: Arsenal - Institute for Film and Video Art

Regional premiere


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