Mensch Horst

Mo Rhozyel, Christoph Philipp Gehl — Germany — 2020 — 44'

The film portrays the daily life of Horst, a citizen of a residential area falling apart and left behind during the times of economic growth and progress. In a beautiful way the film shows what it means to be lonely but at the same time how to be thankful and humble for everything. Horst shows all of us how even in difficult times of social isolation hope and humbleness can exist.

DirectorMo Rhozyel, Christoph Philipp Gehl
ProducersChristoph Philipp Gehl, Mo Rhozyel, Vincent Öz
Director of photographyChristoph Philipp Gehl
EditorChristoph Philipp Gehl
Language German
Category International Competition Programme

Regional premiere


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