Roxanne Gaucherand — France — 2020 — 48’

Summer 2016, somewhere in France, a mysterious plague strikes the villages: swarms of white butterflies have invaded the region. As night approaches, everyone is shutting down in their homes, trapped by the seemingly unstoppable vermin. As the big swarm approaches, Lou discovers both the strange insects and her feelings for her friend Sam.





Director Roxanne Gaucherand
Production Quartett Production, Kokoro Films
Director of photographyRaimon Gaffier, Edwige Moreau-Bouchu
EditingLéo Parmentier
Script Roxanne Gaucherand
Sound Valentin Mazingarbe, Hélène Clerc Denizot, Alban Cayrol, Selia Çakir
MusicDaniel Bleikolm
Category Fireworks

Serbian premiere


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