Never Happened

Barbora Bereznakova — Czech RepublicSlovakia — 2019 — 82'

Once upon a time, in a small European country, the son of the President had been kidnapped and found beaten unconscious in Austria. Investigation leads to the highest political circles, to the Prime Minister himself. Then, Oskar F., witness of the kidnapping, broke silence and testified about it to the investigator. Right after, he had to flee the country as his life was in danger. His only connection to home was his best friend Robo R. and young journalist Peter T. A few months later, Robo is killed in a car explosion.

DirectorBarbora Bereznakova
ProducerDavid Corba, Mario Homolka, Hana Silarova
CameraIvo Miko, Barbora Bereznakova
EditingMatej Samal
FestivalsCinematik Piešťany 2019 (Best Slovak Documentary), Warsaw 2019, Ji.hlava 2019
Category I for Integrity

Regional premiere


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