Нямаш място в нашия град

Nikolay Stefanov — Bulgaria — 2022 — 81'

No place for you in our town pulls you into the heads of the football hooligans from the roughest city in Bulgaria — Pernik. A once flourishing industrial center, today all that’s left is the urban legend about its citizens’ toughness — an echo of the miners’ brave and glorious past underground. Nikolay Stefanov’s camera silently follows Tsetso, a skinhead and single father; the gang leader Dado; and Mimeto, the only woman in the group.

DirectorNikolay Stefanov
ScriptMariana Sabeva, Nikolay Stefanov, Ralitsa Golemanova
ProducerRalitsa Golemanova
Director of photography Nikolay Stefanov
EditorStoyan Velinov
SoundIvan Andreev
FestivalsCPH:Dox 2022
Language Bulgarian
Category Breeze

Serbian premiere


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