Nomad: In the Footsteps of Bruce Chatwin

Werner Herzog — UK — 2019 — 85'

When legendary writer and adventurer Bruce Chatwin was dying of AIDS, he summoned his friend and collaborator Werner Herzog, asking to see his recent film about tribesman of the Sahara. In exchange, as a parting gift, Chatwin gave Herzog the rucksack he’d carried on his travels around the world. Thirty years later, carrying the rucksack, Herzog sets out on his own journey, inspired by their shared passion for the nomadic life. Along the way, Herzog uncovers stories of lost tribes, wanderers and dreamers.

DirectorWerner Herzog
ProducersSteve O’Hagan, Lucki Stipetić
CameraLouis Caulfield, Mike Paterson
EditingMarco Capalbo
FestivalsTribeca 2019, Sheffield 2019, Telluride 2019
Category Prime time

Regional premiere


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