Occupied City

Steve McQueen — The NetherlandsUnited Kingdom — 2023 — 266'

The past collides with precarious present in the film Occupied city, informed by the book Atlas of an Occupied city written by Bianca Stigter.Two interlocking portraits: an excavation of the Nazi occupation that still haunts Amsterdam, and a vivid journey through the end of pandemic and protest, emerge as both devastating and life-affirming, like a journey through memory and where we’re headed.

DirectorSteve McQueen
Producers Floor Onrust, Steve McQueen, Anna Smith-Tenser, Bianca Stigter
Director of photographyLennert Hillege
EditorXander Nijsten
MusicOliver Coates
FestivalsCannes Film Festival 2023, BFI London Film Festival 2023, New York Film Festival 2023
Language Dutch English
Category Survival Is Not Enough

Regional premiere


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