Karim Kassem — Lebanon — 2021 — 64'

Octopus surfaced during trauma, in the aftermath of the cataclysmic Port of Beirut explosion. The film silently navigates that unfolding, giving space to the myriad of existential questions birthed by the enormity of the happening. Questions of unexamined worldviews, of suffering and meaning, of collective purpose, and of many other quiet thoughts strewn amidst the rubble. What are we saying when we say nothing at all?

Director Karim Kassem
Script Karim Kassem
Producer Karim Kassem
Director of photography Karim Kassem
MusicSugan Khetan
EditorAlex Bakri
SoundKarim Kassem
Festivals"DFA 2021 - Envision Best Film Award, ZagrebDox 2022 - Jury Special Mention Award True/False 2022, Curitiba IFF 2022, DMZ Docs 2022"
Language Arabic
Category Fireworks

Serbian premiere


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