Paysage Ordinaire

Damien Monnier — France — 2019 — 86'

France, Central Brittany. Villages, fields, churches, embankments and hedges. 35 square kilometers mainly given over to livestock farming and crop-growing. 1958. On the occasion of the golden wedding anniversary of its oldest members, a farming family faces the
photographer’s lens. 2018. Stables have been replaced by production hangars; electric fences have replaced the hedges. But the earth, the animals, the water, the blood and the shit persist… The youngest people in the photo are about to retire as farmers. From one era to the next, what changes and what remains tell of a rural world where progress and self-perception are intimately linked.

DirectorDamien Monnier
ProducerMaud Martin
CameraRomain Carcanade
EditingJérémy Gravayat
FestivalsVisions du Réel 2019, Les écrans documentaires 2019
Category International Competition Programme


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Q&A Damien Monnier


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