Our Madness

João Viana — PortugalFranceQatar — 2018 — 80’

Lucy is hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital in Mozambique. She dreams about her little son, Hanic, and her husband, Pak, who is a soldier of the war. In the meantime, a quirky musical instrument plays: her own bed. Lucy’s musical virtuosity attracts the attention of the hospital nurses. One day, her song is played in a radio program and Rosa, an evangelical priest of Radio Mocambique, goes to the hospital to listen to Lucy’s song. She takes the priest’s visit as an opportunity to run away.





Director João Viana
Producers François D’artemare, João Viana
Director of photographySabine Lancelin
Editing Edgar Feldman
Script João Viana
Sound Mário Dias, Jean-Guy Véran
Music Pedro Carneiro
Category Meteors

Serbian premiere


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