O nosso Homem

Pedro Costa, — Portugal — 2010 — 23’

Our Man is a short variation in the line of the trilogy Pedro Costa has devoted to the habitants of the Fontainhas quarter, which has been destroyed in the meantime. It can be considered as a sort of appendix to the third part, Juventude em Marcha (Colossal Youth), in which the hero, Ventura, reappears as one of the four characters of this dialogue of hopelessness.





Director Pedro Costa
Producer Abel Ribeiro Chaves
Director of photography Pedro Costa
Editing Patrícia Saramago, João Dias
Script José Alberto Silva, Lucinda Tavares, Alfredo Mendes, Ventura, António Semedo, Pedro Costa
Sound Olivier Blanc
Music N´Toni Denti D'Oro
Language English German
Theme history old age
Category Pedro Costa Retrospective


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