Outside noise

Ted Fendt — AustriaGermanySouth Korea — 2021 — 61’

Daniela is unsure about what to do or where to go next. Mia is completing a degree she spontaneously started. Along with Natascha, a friend planning on moving, they stroll across town and discuss their uncertain future. A story of friendship, summer reunions and sleepless nights in Berlin and Vienna. An insomniac’s hang out film.





DirectorTed Fendt
Producer Zsuzsanna Kiràly
Directors of photographySage Einarsen, Britni West, Jenny Lou Ziegel
Editing Ted Fendt
Script Daniela Zahlner, Mia Sellmann, Ted Fendt
Sound Johannes Schmelzer-Ziringer, Melissa Dullius, Sean Dunn
Category Meteors

Regional premiere


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