Olha Zhurba — DenmarkUkraineThe Netherlands — 2022 — 79'

During the 2014 revolution in Ukraine, 13-year-old street boy Roma quickly became a familiar face and a mascot for the revolution. But behind the camouflage uniform, sunglasses and fearlessness hides a lonely boy from an orphanage who, five years later, turns 18 and is suddenly back on the streets with nothing in his pocket but a lighter and a knife. Will he finally regain control of his life?

DirectorOlha Zhurba
Script Olha Zhurba
ProducersNienke Korthof, Darya Bassel, Anne Köhncke, Willem Baptist
Director of photographyCedric Elisabeth, Yaroslav Tatarchenko
EditorOlha Zhurba
Language Ukrainian
Category Breeze

Regional premiere


300.00 rsd

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15th Beldocs IDFF Award Ceremony prior to the screening of the film


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