Sérgio Tréfaut — PortugalFranceBrasil — 2021 — 75'

Music is a defining element to a variety of cultures, communities and individuals. It is also what leads us to the gardens of Catete Palace, in Rio de Janeiro – a place filled with the melodies of a group of elderly people that would sing and dance every day. Tréfaut’s documentary poetically portrays a generation that in that place has found a safe haven.

DirectorSérgio Tréfaut
Script Sérgio Tréfaut
ProducersSérgio Tréfaut, Claire Dornoy, Serge Lalou
Director of photographyLéo Bittencourt, Luís Abramo, Camila Freitas, Carlos Baptista
EditorSérgio Tréfaut, Bianca Oliveira, Mario Espada
Language Portuguese
Category Breeze

Regional premiere


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