Kék Pelikan

Laszló Csaki — Hungary — 2023 — 79'

In 1990s Hungary, travel was finally possible but unaffordable. By forging international train tickets, three young men provide the opportunity for a whole generation to experience the outside world.Everyone wants to travel to Western Europe – young people in particular – but the price of a train ticket is prohibitive. What good is freedom if you can’t afford it?

Director:László Csáki
Producers:Miklós Kázmér, Ádám Felszeghy
Director of photography:Árpád Horváth
Editor:Dániel Szabó
Music:Ambrus Tövisházi, Miklós Preiszner
Festivals:PÖFF 2023, TFF 2023, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2024
Language Hungarian
Category Fireworks

Regional premiere


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