Ainara Vera — FranceGreenland — 2022 — 78'

Hayat, an expert sailor in the Arctic, navigates far from humans and her family’s past in France. But when her little sister Leila gives birth to a baby girl Inaya, their worlds are turned upside down; we witness their journey, guided by the polar star, to overcome the family’s fate.

DirectorAinara Vera
ScriptAinara Vera
ProducersClara Vuillermoz, Emile Hertling Péronard
Director of photography Ainara Vera, Inuk Silis Høegh
MusicAmine Bouhafa
EditorAinara Vera, Gladys Joujou
SoundAinara Vera, Jérémie Halbert
FestivalsCannes 2022, Camden 2022, IDFA 2022
Language English French Icelandic
Category Eurimages Audentia Award nominees Prime time

Regional premiere


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