Portret umirućeg džina

Stefan Đorđević — Serbia — 2023 — 11'

“Portrait of a Dying Giant” is a visual ode to the miners of RTB Bor who spent their entire lives in the mine, labouring in dire conditions, operating obsolete technology that had not changed in years. Due to the acquisition of RTB Bor by Chinese investors, the old smeltery was destroyed and the need for the older miners disappeared. The film portrays their last working days.

DirectorStefan Đorđević
ProducerMiloš Ljubomirović
Director of photography Stefan Đorđević
EditorJelena Maksimović
SoundLuka Barajević
Language No dialogue
Category Serbian Competition Programme

World premiere


300.00 rsd

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Q&A after the screening

In stock

Q&A after the screening

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