Radio Silence

Juliana Fanjul — MexicoSwitzerland — 2019 — 78'

In March 2015, due to political pressure and false pretenses, Carmen Aristegui, the main voice of independent journalism in Mexico, is fired with her team from the MVS Radio station. The next day more than 200,000 people demonstrate and sign a petition calling for her return on air and the end of censorship. Despite this exceptional mobilization, the station does not give way.

DirectorJuliana Fanjul
ProducerPhilippe Coeytaux, Nicolas Wadimoff, Jose Cohen Ovadia
CameraThilo Schmidt
EditingYael Bitton
FestivalsIDFA 2019, DOK.fest Munich 2020, FIPADOC 2020
Categories I for Integrity



Cultural Centre Vlada Divljan

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