Lúa vermella

Lois Patiño — Spain — 2020 — 84'

Time seems to stand still in a village in the Galician coast. Everybody there is paralysed although we can still hear their voices: they talk about ghosts, about witches, about monsters. Three women show up, they are trying to find Rubio, a sailor that has recently disappeared in the sea.

DirectorLois Patiño
ProducersFelipe Lage Coro, Iván Patiño
CameraLois Patiño
EditingPablo Gil Rituerto, Óscar de Gispert, Lois Patiño
FestivalsBerlin 2020, New Directors/New Films 2020
Categories Meteors

Regional premiere



Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade

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Q&A Lois Patiño

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