John Skoog — Sweden — 2019 — 71'

A story composed of fragments of lives lived in the periphery. Based on stories gathered and formed among the people who live in the region, Ridge turns the setting into the film’s node and main character. But like shadows over the landscape, some protagonists are distinguished: Beata, a seasonal worker who comes to Sweden for the first time, Aaron, a young man with a broken heart returning to the place where he grew up, and Billie, a girl lost in her first summer vacation. As the film follows their lives, which slowly merge with the landscape, a map is drawn of the confusion between machines, people and animals.

DirectorJohn Skoog
ProducersErik Hemmendorff, John Skoog
CameraIta Zbroniec-Zajt
EditingAgnieszka Glińska
FestivalsGöteborg 2019, CPH: DOX 2019, IDFA 2019
Category Fireworks

Regional premiere


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