Cuentos del Río

Julie Schroell — Luksemburg — 2019 — 82'

Actor and teacher Yemn returns to his native village El Castillo and turns the fortress ruins overlooking the San Juan River into a stage for the local youth theatre group, a sanctuary for open discussion and critical thinking. While their families struggle with poverty and obligation to migrate to wealthy neighbor Costa Rica in order to make ends meet, the kids rehearse and write a play about their river’s history. They improvise and embody the numerous travelers who tried to control the river.

Director Julie Schroell
ProducerJulie Schroell, Jesus Gonzalez
Camera Frank Pineda
EditingDamian Plandolit
Festivals Festival dei Popoli 2019, Prague 2020, Galway 2020
Category Landscape

Serbian premiere


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