Saint Clair Cemin, Psyche

Svetlana Cemin — USASwitzerlandSerbiaChinaBrasil — 2020 — 61’

Saint Clair Cemin, Psyche is a documentary film following the celebrated Brazilian artist Saint Clair Cemin over the last five years. The film presents an intimate portrait of the artist and a deep reflection on the sculptor’s journey to make his masterpiece, Psyche, a marble boat from the embryonic stage in his studio in Brooklyn, through the finishing touches in China, and to its final destination in Cleveland, Ohio.

DirectorSvetlana Cemin
ProducerSaint Clair Cemin, Svetlana Cemin
Directors of photographyNiav Conty, Markao Oliveira, Kromo Yu, David Dreiska, Svetlana Cemin
Editing Uroš Maksimović
Script Svetlana Cemin
SoundAntonio Grosso, Andrey Radovski, Miloš Drobnjaković
MusicEnsamble Ferroelectrico de Marte, SUBA, Miloš Drobnjaković
Category Serbian Competition Programme

Regional premiere


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