Yiannis Christidis, Konstantinos Koukoulis — Cyprus — 2023 — 74'

Cyprus is a divided Mediterranean country surrounded by water. About a million people from various communities live and resonate all over the island, with the film tracing everyday sounds as experienced by the inhabitants themselves. This documentary unveils the mosaic of multiple communities that Cyprus is, showcasing its extensive sound variety and, most importantly, revealing those social and political issues to which prominence is given through what is heard.

DirectorsYiannis Christidis, Konstantinos Koukoulis
ProducerYiannis Christidis
Direction of PhotographyKonstantinos Koukoulis
MusicDimitris Savva
EditorDanis Karaisaridis
SoundAndreas Olymbios
Language English Greek Turkish
Category Breeze

World premiere


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