Uchilishte za nadezhda

Yana Alexieva — Bulgaria — 2024 — 82'

Animari and Zlatko welcome Rossi into their rural Bulgarian boarding school for her first school year. As she befriends peers and advances academically, they confront challenges to sustain the school. A poetic, whimsical journey through their lives in the course of one year, the film explores the limits of what they are ready to do to protect their pupils and help them thrive.

DirectorYana Alexieva
ProducerSimeon Tsonchev
Director of photographyKrasimir Andonov
EditorsSimeon Tsonchev, Yana Alexieva
MusicMaya Harrigan
FestivalsIDFA 2023, TIDF 2024, Visions du Réel 2024
Language Bulgarian English Romani
Category Breeze

World premiere


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Q&A after the screening


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