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Marija Stojnić — SerbiaCroatiaQatar — 2019 — 73'

Conjuring reality and wonder, Speak So I Can See You takes us to a seemingly different era, by exploring the world of Radio Belgrade, one of Europe’s oldest radio stations and a true institution of the city. Through a synesthetic blend of sounds, words, notes, echoes and light, we are taken into a unique cinematic soundscape that doubles as a love letter to radiophonic art and its disarming insight into what makes us remember, understand, think, discover, and feel.

DirectorMarija Stojnić
ProducersMarija Stojnić, Miloš Ivanović
CameraDušan Grubin
EditingKristina Poženel, Ivan Vasić
FestivalsIDFA 2019, MoMA Doc Fortnight 2020, DOK.fest München 2020
Categories Serbian Competition Programme

Serbian premiere



Museum of Yugoslavia Amphitheater

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Q&A Marija Stojnić / Festival opening

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