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Dejan Zečević — Serbia — 1995 — 95'

Radomir Belaćević, a literate and scientist, is last seen on July the 9th in front of his private company “Studio film” in Dr. Aleksandar Kostić Street. The author of more than 20 novels, competent and scientific books, has vanished in the prime of the preparations for making his first movie. The relatives and friends of Mr. Belaćević were unable to help the members of city police because they don’t have any information about his sudden and mysterious disappearance.

Director Dejan Zečević
ProducerZoja Todorić, Dragan Kresoja
Camera Miloš Stefan Kresoja
EditingAleksandar Popović
Festivals Festival autorskog filma 1995 (Grand Prix), FEST 1996, Herceg Novi 1996
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Yugoslav Film Archive, Uzun Mirkova

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Q&A Dejan Zečević


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