A comuñón da miña prima Andrea

Brandán Cerviño — Spain — 2021 — 12’

Brandán asks Andrea about the memories she has about the day she made her first communion and thus, being able to start making the film they have agreed on. Andrea takes the opportunity to imagine how she would like the ceremony to have been. Andrea explains how beautiful it would be to appear in those photos with money towers and sports cars, to the rhythm of some reggaeton theme and substituting Bibles and rosaries for the latest models of smartphones.



DirectorBrandán Cerviño
Producers Brandán Cerviño, Sabrina Zimmermann
Director of photographyBrandán Cerviño
Editing Brandán Cerviño
Script Brandán Cerviño
Sound Daniela Fung Macchi
Music Boyanka Kostova
Category Fireworks


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