Au Jour d’Aujourd hui

Maxence Stamatiadis — France — 2021 — 67’

2024 in the suburbs of Paris. 88-year old Suzanne is a technology addict. Glued to her screens, she shares kitten videos, learns about Bitcoin and devotes herself to the romance of reality TV. But none of that can fill the void of losing Edouard, her husband who died 10 years earlier. One day, Suzanne discovers a new app The Day Today which promises to bring loved ones back. Edouard returns, but he’s not quite the same man.





Director Maxence Stamatiadis
Producers Agathe Berman, Neïl Beloufa, Lucie Rego and Pauline Tran Van Lieu
Director of photographyMarine Atlan
Editing Elsa Jonquet and Maxence Stamatiadis
Sound Benjamin Feuillade
Category International Competition Programme Meteors


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