El cuarto reino

Alex Lora, Adán Aliaga — Spain — 2019 — 83'

In a redemption center on the outskirts of New York, undocumented illegal aliens and underdogs have a shared disappointment in the American Dream. Responding to this false promise, Ana, Walter, Eugene, Pierre and René, will find comfort in each other’s company. Dreams don’t die if the journey continues, regardless of origins and destinations.

DirectorsAlex Lora, Adán Aliaga
ProducerIsa Feliu
CameraAlex Lora, Adán Aliaga
EditingAlex Lora, Adán Aliaga, Sergi Dies
FestivalsMalaga 2019, Guadalajara 2019, Madrid 2019
Categories International Competition Programme

Regional premiere



Yugoslav Film Archive, Uzun Mirkova

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