Olliver Hawk

Arthur Franck — Finland — 2019 — 73'

Throughout the 1960s and 70s, Olavi Hakasalo charmed and hypnotized the whole nation. He sold out thousands of stage hypnosis shows, ran a successful private practice where he treated people for various behavioral issues, and cultivated a celebrity status for himself. But in the corridors of power, with a nation’s destiny at stake, an eccentric showman sitting on too many secrets is considered a liability. Was Hakasalo an eccentric charlatan, a misunderstood genius that was framed for political reasons, or perhaps both?

DirectorArthur Franck
ProducerOskar Forsténk
CameraMikko Kelloniemi
EditingMarkus Leppälä
FestivalsTampere 2019 (Best Finnish Documentary), CPH:DOX 2020, HotDocs 2020
Categories Fireworks

Regional premiere



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