The Kiev Trial

Sergei Loznitsa — UkraineThe Netherlands — 2022 — 106'

The Kiev Trial, also known as the “Kiev Nuremberg”, took place in January of 1946 in the Soviet Union. 15 criminals, guilty of atrocities faced justice in case No. 1679 “On the atrocities committed by fascist invaders on the territory of the Ukrainian SSR.” Sergei Loznitsa reconstructs key moments of the proceedings, lays bare the “banality of evil”, making the film devastatingly relevant today.

Director Sergei Loznitsa
Script Sergei Loznitsa
Producers Sergei Loznitsa, Maria Choustova
Editor Sergei Loznitsa, Tomasz Wolski, Danielius Kokanauskis
SoundVladimir Golovnitski
FestivaliVenice 2022, IDFA 2022
Language German Russian Ukrainian
Category Prime time

Regional premiere


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