Marko Šipka — SerbiaBosnia and Herzegovina — 2021 — 80’

The Land  follows last living people for whom this small bosnian village once used to be home.They return  here to die, or to meet the spirits of their loved ones which are freely roaming the mountains. While visiting the ruins of their once homes, they are rebuilding the memories of their past lives. Those memories told in the form of whispering fairy tales become a history of a never ending war.

DirectorMarko Šipka
Producers Zoran Galić, Mirjana Galić
Director of photographyMarko Šipka
Editing Marko Šipka
Script Jelena Šipka, Marko Šipka
SoundBoris Šurlan
Music Sonja Đurić
Category Serbian Competition Programme

World premiere


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