Le dernier refuge

Ousmane Samassékou — FranceMaliSouth Africa — 2021 — 85’

The Malian city of Gao has for decades been a peaceful haven for African travellers. Here, on the edge of the Sahel desert, lies the House of Migrants, which is the temporary home for thousands of people every year. The hopeful ones, who are on their way to Europe. And those whose luck ran out and who are now on their way back to their hometowns and families.

Director Ousmane Samassékou
Producers Estelle Robin You, Andrey S. Diarra, Don Edkins, Tiny Mungwe
Director of photography Ousmane Samassékou
Editing Céline Ducreux
Script Ousmane Samassékou
Sound Adama Diarra, Jean-Marc Schick
Music Pierre Daven Keller
Category Front Page

Serbian premiere


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