Последнее лето / Poslednee leto

Vitaly Akimov — FranceRussia — 2024 — 80'

The movie is set in Moscow during the summer of 2022, focusing on a group of young people living in squats in the city center. Kolya, a 23-year-old musician, and his girlfriend Katya, along with friends, organize illegal fights and concerts in abandoned buildings, explore the countryside, spend nights on the streets, and are yet to discover how this summer will come to an end for them.

DirectorVitalii Akimov
ProducerVitalii Akimov
Director of photographyVitalii Akimov
EditorVitalii Akimov
SoundZakhar Semirkhanov
Language Russian
Category Fireworks

Regional premiere


400.00 rsd

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