Veeran maaginen elämä

Tonislav Hristov — DenmarkFinlandBulgaria — 2019 — 86'

Veera, 25, is trying to cope with her childhood traumas. She goes to therapy sessions and discusses her problems. But that alone is not enough. She goes LARPing. In LARPing events people physically portray their characters, pursue goals within a fictional setting represented by the real world and/or an imagined world, while interacting with each other in character. In LARPing Veera becomes V, a character that may do things Veera cannot.

DirectorTonislav Hristov
ProducersKaarle Aho & Kai Nordberg
CameraAlexander Stanishev
EditingAnne Jünemann & Tonislav Hristov
FestivalsIDFA 2019, Hot Docs 2020, One World 2020
Category Breeze


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