The Man Who Couldn't Leave

Chen Singing — Taipei — 2022 — 35’

Within the walls of the former Green Island prison, political detainee A-Kuen, tells the stories of imprisonment and persecution happened in the 1950s in Taiwan. Among fellow inmates, frozen in time, he recounts his own experiences and those of his friend, A-Ching, who never made it out. Experience the time and place, and the waiting, in hope, for a chance to keep the stories alive.

Entrance to the exhibition is free. Booking on the LINK.

DirectorChen Singing
Script Lin Hsin-l, Singing Chen, Lou Yi-An
Art directorsHuang Mei-Ching, Tu Shuo-Feng
Lead developerChuan Ming-Yuan
Directors of photography Liao Ching-Yao, William Cho
MusicYujun Wang
EditorYen Ping-Ying, Liu Wei-Yi
SoundChou Cheng
ArtistsLi Kang, Lin Hang-Ping, Hsieh Yi-Fang
Language Mandarin
Category XR Exhibition: Immersive Reality

Regional premiere


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