A Metamorfose dos pássaros

Catarina Vasconcelos — Portugal — 2020 — 101'

Beatriz married Henrique on the day of her 21st birthday. Henrique, a naval officer, would spend long periods at sea. Ashore, Beatriz, who learned everything from the verticality of plants, took great care of the roots of their six children. The oldest son, Jacinto (Hyacinth), my father, dreamed he could be a bird. One day, suddenly, Beatriz died. My mom didn’t die suddenly, but she too died when I was 17 years-old. On that day, me and my father met with the loss of our mothers and our relationship was no longer just that of father and daughter.

DirectorCatarina Vasconcelos
ProducersPedro Fernandes Duarte, Joana Gusmão, Catarina Vasconcelos
CameraPaulo Menezes
EditingFrancisco Moreira
FestivalsBerlin 2020, True/False 2020, Thessaloniki 2020
Category International Competition Programme


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Q&A Catarina Vasconcelos


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