Il Passo Dell'Acqua

Antonio di Biase — Italy — 2019 — 52'

From the summit of the Abruzzo mountains to the Adriatic Sea, there are still people who live with a direct contact with nature: Domenico, an old shepherd who spends his days with his flock of sheep in high altitude, without electricity and water; Nisida, a 90 year old widow who, moved by her faith, decides to undertake a pilgrimage to the Hermitage of Saint Bartolomeo; Nicola, a retired fisherman who lives with a white cat in the ruins of his old fishing village surrounded by the modern city.

DirectorAntonio Di Biase
ProducerLorenzo Paccagnella
CameraMattia Ottaviani
EditingAaron Beitz
FestivalsFestival dei Popoli 2019, Thessaloniki 2020, DOK.fest Munich 2020
Category International Competition Programme


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Q&A Antonio di Biase


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