Les porteurs

Sarah Vanagt — Belgium — 2022 — 32'

Flemish filmmaker Sarah Vanagt asks young people around Brussels to play a well-known European memory game, in which players must repeat and then add to an ever-growing list of items that they would take with them on a trip. But there’s a bitter twist to this version of the game: all the items need to come from a packing list of 8,000 objects from a colonial expedition to the former Belgian Congo. The list includes a spear, ten beetles, an ivory horn, an elephant-hair chain, and 140 meters of film of pygmies fighting.

DirectorSarah Vanagt
ScriptSarah Vanagt
Director of photography Ruben Desiere, Jonathan Wannyn
Editor Effi Weiss
Sound Gedeon Depauw, Kwinten van Laethem, Philippe Ciompi
FestivalsIDFA 2022
Language Dutch French
Category Breeze

Regional premiere


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