The Rossellinis

Alessandro Rossellini, Lorenzo d'Amico de Carvalho — ItalyLatvia — 2020 — 100'

Roberto Rossellini was a genius of the cinema and a distinctly anti-conformist father. His romances generated a numerous, proudly multi-ethnic, extended family. Alessandro, the director’s first grandchild doesn’t feel he measures up with the surname he bears. So, at 55 years of age he decides to make his debut film, pressing his relatives into an impossible family therapy in front of the camera.

DirectorAlessandro Rossellini, Lorenzo D’amico De Carvalho
Script Andrea Paolo Massara, Alessandro Rossellini, Dāvis Sīmanis
ProducerRaffaele Brunetti
Director of photographyValdis Celmiņš
EditorIlaria De Laurentis
Language English Italian
Category Prime time


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