Branislav Jankić — 2020 — 92’

In the film, a live audience, consisting of different ethnic and religious groups from the Balkans, in which a single narrator recites six stories about six significant historical events impacting the Balkans. Following each story, a real mixed martial arts fight occurs, shot and framed to reveal not only the violence humans are capable of, but also manifesting the poetry of movement, mutual respect and the very tangible intimacy of two human bodies struggling.



DirectorBranislav Jankić
Producers Goran Macura, Jordanco Petkovski
Director of photographyErnest Wilczynski
Editing Tamer Hany Hassan, Branislav Jankić
ScriptBranislav Jankić
SoundMark Roberts
Narration Petar Božović
Category Special Screenings


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