Le bois dont les rêves sont faits

Claire Simon — France — 2015 — 144'

Like an accessible form of Paradise Lost, weekend trips to the woods offer a concentrated dose of well-being and a refuge in nature. A place where all life’s possibilities enjoy the right to exist, a place for all, rich and poor, French and foreign, gay and straight, old and young, old-fashioned or trendy, a mirage dreamed up by the exhausted urban dweller. The woods as an island in the urban fabric, a place where the hardships of living in the city fall silent. A place to recover, to play and have fun, to dream.

DirectorClaire Simon
ProducersJean-Luc Ormieres, Sandrine Dumas
CameraClaire Simon
EditingLuc Forveille
FestivalsLocarno 2015, Göteborg 2016, Rotterdam 2016
Categories Retrospective: Claire Simon



Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade

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