The Works and Days (of Tayoko Shiojiri in the Shiotani Basin)

C. W. Winter, Anders Edström — JapanUSASwedenUK — 2020 — 480'

“The first rule in farming is that you are never to hope for an easy way. The land demands your effort.” The Works and Days (of Tayoko Shiojiri in the Shiotani Basin), the second feature from directors C. W. Winter & Anders Edström, is an eight-hour film shot for a total of twenty-seven weeks, over a period of fourteen months, in a village population forty-seven in the mountains of Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. It is a geographic description of the work and non-work of a farmer.

DirectorsC. W. Winter & Anders Edström
ProducersC. W. Winter, Anders Edström, Wang Yue
CameraAnders Edström
EditingC. W. Winter
FestivalsBerlin 2020, Busan 2020, Cinema du reel 2020
Category Meteors

Regional premiere


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