Ruku mojeju

Koštana Banović — SerbiaThe Netherlands — 2022 — 73'

Ruku Mojeju (Through My Hands) revolves around a sensory understanding of monastic life. In a convent on a small island in Montenegro, fifteen nuns – mostly young women, one of them blind – live their daily lives in a rhythm of work and prayer, and in the endlessly undulating movements of nature. Over a period of nine years, the sensory documentary gradually developed as a result of the filmmaker’s intense involvement in this monastic community.

DirectorKoštana Banović
Script Koštana Banović
ProducersRolf Orthel, Vladimir Šojat
Director of photographyKoštana Banović, Temra Pavlović
EditorTemra Pavlović, Stefan Pavlović, Jelena Rosić
Category Serbian Competition Programme

International premiere


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