Kuoriutua, kukoistaa, kuolla

Hanna Hovitie — PortugalBelgiumFinlandHungary — 2020 — 20’

A young taxidermist is fascinated by crows, paying considerate attention to their dead bodies. Her work on the birds is simultaneously a careful study of anatomical connections and a kind of service toward the resurrection of this mythical creature from the realm between life and death. Through detailed, pulsating black-and-white images and a sparingly intense soundtrack, a charged atmosphere unfolds between craftsmanship, imagination and poetry.

DirectorHanna Hovitie
ProducersHanna Hovitie, Daniel Donato, Patricia D’Intino
Director of photographyDaniel Donato
Editing Hanna Hovitie
ScriptHanna Hovitie
SoundBence Kovács-Vajda
MusicBence Kovács-Vajda
Category Fireworks

Serbian premiere


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